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Studio of drawing and painting

STUDIO drawing and painting

We invite all wishing to study in the studio drawing and painting!

Classes are designed for adults with no age limit and children 10 years of age ..
We offer you training at one of three groups:

1. "Drawing from scratch." For anyone who takes the first brushes and pencils in hand. We will introduce you to the basics
academic drawing, basics of color science, and share some of the secrets of painting techniques.
2. "Further training". This course is designed for those who already have significant experience in the field of fine art and requires additional professional experience.
The course consists of a series of workshops by professional artists, to perform tasks in the group.
3. Training Institutes in artistic direction.
For all who want to raise your level in the field of drawing, painting and composition
for the purpose of admission to a particular college. Classes are taught by professional artists - teachers.

Classes begin as complete groups.
Writing in the group is available by phone: (096) 460 49 49, and you can leave a message to the address


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