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Welcome to the art online gallery of Ukrainian art!
AXXgallery - the best works by professional artists, topical tutorials - the best for you!
The gallery features paintings, drawings, decorative arts, art photography, sculpture Ukrainian artists collaborating with the Association of Christian artists.
Association of Christian artists - a public organization that unites professional artists and amateurs for a joint exhibition activities and the promotion of Christian and human values ​​through the visual arts.

Why do I need to buy from us:
1. The works presented in the gallery have been carefully selected and have artistic and often museum quality.
2. Each work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, confirming its authorship, originality and authenticity.
3. The artists represented in our gallery not only great masters of their craft, many of which - the pride of Ukrainian art, but spiritually rich, bright people. We believe that their work will be able to bring into your home a positive focus and be a blessing to your family.
4. Each of the works - a great investment in the family budget, which will be able to evaluate all the generations of your family, it's a special gift for your dear people, exquisite decoration for your interior.
5. Our task - to provide for you the most quality service and to help you find exactly what you need. Prices AHHgallery differ from those if this work was presented in galleries in your city and in this you can be sure. Our gallery also acts in the interests of artists, which allows us to open the heading Special offer of the day where we did our best to lower the price on the painting and its percentage, reducing the budget to the buyer and make the purchase as pleasant as possible for you.
For artists:
We are glad to cooperate with all the artists who share the principles of our business.
For cooperation you need to send us an email letter
- With your creative biography
- Details (address actual and email, phone, etc.)
- Preferably a photo
- Attachement to 20 high-quality photos of your creative work that you would like to offer for the gallery. Each photo is not more than 2 MB. Also, it is desirable to provide a description of the paintings (name, size, year, technique, price)
- Preferably, also an article about your art work or your business.
After receiving the letter, we will call you soon.
Please send your letters to the address: axxgallery1@gmail.com

We will be happy to help you select the most appropriate picture to answer your questions and suggestions.

Write, call! Always glad to cooperate!

Thank you for your message. After a few minutes we will contact you.

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