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Course in Art History

Dear friends!
We invite everyone to improve their knowledge in the field of art history!
We offer you together with our teachers to investigate the influence of Christianity on world culture
and the development of fine arts in the world history, touch the discoveries
which significantly broadens the mind and enrich the soul of each person.

The task of the faculty - to offer to everyone a crash course with the aim of art
a deeper acquaintance with classical and contemporary fine arts
The course includes information from the general course of the history of art that explore the impact of
Christianity in the sphere of fine arts in history, the history of philanthropy, biography
great artists, etc. This course will be useful for anyone interested in the sphere of culture and fine art, as artists, art historians, creative people who are interested in the topic of Christianity in the field of fine arts.

Teach this course - professors of art universities, art,
individual topics - clergy and staff of art museums in Kiev.

Students of the faculty can be everyone from 16 years of age.

In total there are 2 semesters (October-January and February - May)
Upon completion of the course students have successfully passed tests receive a certificate AXX about passing this training.
Start date - September 2015.
Time - every Monday from 18.00 to 21.00

Record of training runs on the phone +38 (096) 4604949
Training will be held at: Str., Zhmachenko 20 (metro area "Darnitsa", Ed. 600)

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