Love Senchuk

Love Senchuk was born June 21, 1980 in Lviv region
In 2000 she graduated from the college of arts and crafts in Lviv.
In 2006 graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts (LNAA) Masters degree (Department of monumental-decorative painting)
Exhibition activity
2013- open-air exhibition dedicated Prague Art Cafe Kafichko, Prague, Czech Republic
2013-Youth Art Salon, Moscow, NSHR
2013 - personal exhibition "Three Graces" Perspective Art Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine
2013 - Exhibition of paintings dedicated to the woman, the Parliamentary Library, Kyiv
2013- Winter plein air painting in Prague, Czech Republic
2012 - personal exhibition "Colors of every season" gallery DIM Master Class Kyiv
2012 - Exhibition of painting "Dialogues -3" Cherkasy
2012 - plein air painting exhibition of young talents from Ukraine, Ukrainian association Gallery in UK, London, Manchester, England
2012- plein air painting exhibition Venkov, cafes Kafichka m. Prague, Czech Republic
2012- International Plein Air "Venkov", Prague, Czech Republic, Diploma
2012- Exhibition of paintings "Welcome to Ukraine" Ukrainian Association in UK, London
2012- Exhibition of paintings, the hotel "Premier Palace", m. Kyiv, Ukraine
2012- Exhibition of paintings "Intermission-9" regional museum, m. Cherkasy, Ukraine
2012- Exhibition of paintings, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, m. Kyiv 2012- All-Ukrainian art exhibition dedicated to the Christmas House of Artists, Union of Artists, m. Kyiv, Ukraine 2012- Exhibition of modern painting dedicated to Christmas m. Kyiv, Gallery Cave and c. Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Diploma 2011- Exhibition of paintings dedicated m.Svyatohirsku, Odessa, Art Gallery Perspective 2011- m Ukrainian plein air. Svyatohirsk 2011. - Exhibition of paintings within the framework of the 4th International Festival of Contemporary Art "ego" Cherkasy SEC "Khreshchatyk City" 2011. - Exhibition of paintings Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life (Shevchenkivskyy Grove), Lviv, 2011. - Exhibition of paintings "corner of paradise on the earth" s. Salsify
2011. - An exhibition-competition of painting, "Green Wave" The artist gallery, Kyiv, Diploma
2011r.- Ukrainian art exhibition «Picturesque Ukraine" House of Artists, Kyiv 2011r.- Ukrainian art exhibition «Women of Ukraine - artists», Lugansk
2011 Youth Art Salon "MARTS" "Roadside Picnic" Kyiv Municipal Academic Opera and Ballet for Children and Youth, Kyiv, catalog
2011- All-Ukrainian plein air "Foros 2011" diploma, Foros
2011r.- Art Week in Turkey within the 471 th International Festival of Culture "Messir." m. Manis
2011. - Charity exhibition-competition "On tails," Cherkasky Art Museum, Cherkasy
2011. - Art- week in St. Petersburg Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, Diploma
2011. -Personalna Exhibition of paintings by Leonid Martynyuk together with Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property. Kyiv, 2011. - Exhibition of paintings "Love - eternal theme of art" Cherkasy Regional Art Museum Cherkasy, Diploma 2011r.- Art Week in Berlin, Berlin, Diploma
and and the many other exhibitions in Kurayini and abroad.

The artist's works