SALE! Special offer of the day.

Offer valid until:

Dear judges of the good painting! In these wonderful days we offer to Your attention at special price of work of our artists, that can be not only a wonderful decoration for your interior but also valuable gift for your sweet one! In  heading the "special offering of this day" of work of the Ukrainian artist
Let for each of you it will be successful possibility to do acquisition of pleasing picture at most pleasant price and delightful gift in these preholiday days!

 This suggestion is an action and operates during   month.
This heading belittles the level of the presented works not at all, rather, this our with an artist desire to do work of art in these autumn days more accessible for the wide circle of viewship.

Pleasant and inspiring purchases!

  • Haystacks.


    1750.00 грн.

    1550.00 грн.

  • The Divine World

    The Divine World

    11900.00 грн.

    8900.00 грн.

  • My native land

    My native land

    11500.00 грн.

    9500.00 грн.

  • Music of love

    Music of love

    8900.00 грн.

    7900.00 грн.

  • Venice


    14150.00 грн.

    12900.00 грн.

  • Roses in the interior

    Roses in the interior

    12800.00 грн.

    11200.00 грн.

  • Lilac in the evening light

    Lilac in the evening light

    8900.00 грн.

    7750.00 грн.

  • Solemn roses

    Solemn roses

    15900.00 грн.

    14300.00 грн.

  • With love for Georgia

    With love for Georgia

    12900.00 грн.

    9700.00 грн.

  • Peonies and Jasmine

    Peonies and Jasmine

    2200.00 грн.

    1800.00 грн.